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Pylon - The Company

At Pylon, we’ve got a lot to be proud of, starting with the rich heritage of 50 years and dedicated employees that have allowed us to acquire two ISO certifications, numerous awards across the retail and automotive industry and become the exclusive North America licensee of Michelin wiper blades.

Headquartered in Deerfield Beach Florida, Pylon has consistently developed and engineered new, innovative designs since 1968 that make wiper blades work more efficient and perform better.

Our continuous focus on innovation and quality has led to over 70 patents including the patented suspension technology in Michelin hybrid wipers with Smart-Flex Design. This blade adapts to the windshield curve, providing long-lasting, clog free all-season performance that wipes better in any weather.

Industry-leading innovations only occur with strong research, development, and assessment, so we carefully test our products in real-world situations to ensure our blades allow clear vision and safer driving even in the harshest weather. We are clearly building a tradition of quality.

At Pylon, we take pride in our earned reputation as an industry leader in the automotive market. We continue to strive to support our mission to be the preferred branded global market leader of the best vehicle visibility solutions, supported by consumer driven insights while providing superior expertise and exceptional customer service.

Pylon. Clearly Innovation. Clearly building a legacy.

The History of Pylon

Michelin® Storm™ Blade

Pylon is launching the new Michelin® Storm™ Hybrid wiper blade with WeatherShield™ technology to repel water, snow and ice from the blade cover

Michelin® Radius™ Beam

Pylon launched the new Michelin® Radius with framless beam design


Pylon moves to new headquarters in Deerfield Beach, Florida


200,000 sq. ft. distribution center opens in South Bend, Indiana

Patented Smart-Flex

Pylon developed the patented Smart-Flex Technology found exclusively in our Hybrid Blade designs


DuPont Wiper Blade launch


Michelin Wiper Blade launch


Purchased by Qualitor


Facility in Deerfield Beach expanded to 86,000 sq. ft.


Built new 50,000 sq. ft. facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida


Purchased by Masco Corp.


Moved to 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida


Sold to Longman Enterprises


Purchased by STP


Pylon founded in South Amboy, New Jersey by Leo and Marty Weiss. Original building, 1500 sq. ft.

Our Ownership

Pylon is an operating division of Qualitor Inc.

About Qualitor, Inc.

Qualitor, Inc., a Wellspring Capital company, is a leading diversified supplier of safety and wear parts for the automotive aftermarket. Through 4 North American locations and 2 business units, Qualitor provides wiper blades and auto care accessories (Pylon) and brake hardware and related components (International Brake Industries) to the automotive aftermarket.

About Wellspring Capital Management

Wellspring Capital Management, founded in 1995, is a leading middle-market private equity firm that manages more than $3 billion of private equity capital. The firm’s objective is to bring partnership, experience and value creation to each investment. By teaming up with strong management, Wellspring is able to unlock underlying value and pursue new growth opportunities through strategic initiatives, operating improvements and add-on acquisitions. The firm functions as a strategic rather than tactical partner, providing management teams with top-line support, M&A experience and financial expertise, and access to resources. For additional information, please visit